About Us

Our Initiative

The Gloucester County Police Recruitment Diversity Initiative is part of a state-wide effort to educate, mentor, hire, retain and promote The initiative seeks to recruit underrepresented classes, including people of color and gender diversity.

These efforts start with fostering and enhancing an interest in law enforcement among diverse youth as early as middle school. law enforcement officers who reflect the populations ofthose in the communities they serve.

It includes physical training programs, resume writing support, and a mentoring program that provides an inside view to potential law enforcement candidates. It also includes a recruitment campaign that promotes opportunities and seeks to build a diverse workforce in all of our departments.


Chaplain Program

The Gloucester County Chaplain Program provides guidance, counseling and comfort in times of crisis to all families in need throughout our Gloucester County Communities.

The Program creates a partnership with the various faith-based leaders of the community to respond and assist the Prosecutor’s Office with providing an overall better quality of service to the citizens of the County of Gloucester.

The goal is to have law enforcement and the clergy work together so that a more comprehensive response will be given to those in need. Religious leaders will perform tasks of a more emotional or social nature while officers handle those tasks that are of a law enforcement nature.

Additionally the chaplain program will assist in bridging the gap between the community and law enforcement.


Our County

Gloucester County, founded in 1686 and once including within its boundaries the present Atlantic and Camden Counties, is unique in that it is an outstanding Agricultural, Industrial and Residential Area. Farming in all of its phases is highly established and developed. The raising of fruit, farm vegetables, and poultry, the dairy industry, the breeding of cattle, hogs, and other livestock, the existence of modern year-round canneries, quick freezing establishments and nearby markets all go far to make Gloucester County one of the chief food producing sections of our State and of our Country.

Hand in hand with agriculture, the County possesses some of the largest industries of the East. Modern plants of small and great proportions steadily employing thousands of our citizens, today are contributing in a major way to the prosperity of our Municipalities, County, State, and Nation.

Such a combination of agriculture and industry, together with the location of the County in the metropolitan area of Philadelphia, was bound to result in thriving residential communities. A fine network of improved State and County Highways, excellent bus service, and generally splendid Municipal Government have contributed to the development of residential communities without comparison in our State.

Gloucester County possesses the finest of schools and places of worship, the finest of local and county service of every kind, and is indeed a happy, healthy place for living.